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Step into the next level of your career with our AR VR courses in India


6 / months

AR/VR design - Graphic Designer


12 / months

AR/VR design - 2D Animation


24 / months

AR/VR interactive Media Design


36 / months


It’s an interesting platform where you can seed your knowledge and bring up your career into massive and different level. PUSJV is mainly providing a creative path to enrich and empower the passions of students. There are multiple courses available here with respect to the time period what you are looking for. This one is the India’s first innovative career start up that can support you easily to get into the digital world.

ar vr courses

Why Choose PUSJV for Reality Development Training?

  • Learn Industry Standard Software Development for Game Development, Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) & Extended Reality(XR) Development.
  • End to End Reality Training Program Covering Consumer Apps, Enterprise Apps, and Gaming Apps.
  • Learn Game Development Methods and EnginePractical Oriented Training with Continuous Assignments and assessments.
  • Learn Reality with a Development.
  • 100% Paid Internship (Stipend) opportunity .
  • Industry Orientation and Career Path Planning