Assessments & Assignments

Frequent Assessments & Submission of Assignments by students would be done throughout the period of the course.


University Examinations

University Examinations will be held twice in a year


Passing Requirements

A candidate should secure not less than 40% of marks in each course for a pass


  S.No             Marks Classification
      a                        40 to 49% of marks            Third Class
      b                        50 to 59% of marks            Second Class
      c                        60 to 74% of marks            First Class









A candidate will be declared to have passed the examination in first class with distinction, if he/she has passed all the courses in the first appearance and obtained an aggregate of not less than 75% of the marks.

If a student fails to obtain below 40% of the marks in any course, he/she shall be declared to have failed in that course and he/she will have to appear for that course only.