Future Augmented reality and Virtual reality Uncovered

augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented reality and Virtual reality have you ever played games like pokemon go, zombie brick space ghostbusters world, etc
aren’t they super exciting well they’re indeed this is due to the augmented reality technology which mixes the important and the virtual environments
it allows you to experience the world environments through computer-generated data not just that it also provides real-time interaction and generates authentic 3d registration of real and virtual objects

Future Augmented reality and Virtual reality Uncovered

virtual reality on the opposite hand changes the user’s environment completely many of you’d have either used or seen it around you
if you are still clueless let me offer you a hint have you ever played games by wearing a headset or any such device that creates you are feeling
you are during a completely different environment yes that’s computer game the devices that are developed for a computer game produce
realistic images sound vibrations etc that cause you to feel faithful the virtual environment okay so talking about the technology that is utilized in computer games and augmented reality virtual reality and augmented reality require dedicated hardware and software technologies when it involves hardware you’ll need specially designed headsets sensors eyeglasses cameras etc software like unity unreal engine Kentico content ar core etc are often used for augmented reality whereas for computer game unity 3ds max design Maya contentful etc are often used

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