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Future Of Virtual Reality’s Adventure

Overcome your greatest fears with VR in 2030

Future Of Virtual Reality, It’s safe to mention that each one folk have felt fear at some point in our lives, and for several folks, we’ve also experienced more irrational fears like being frightened of harmless spiders or clowns at birthday parties. Fears that become phobias can have a severe impact on your psychological state especially and are something that folks suffer with on a day-to-day basis.

By 2030, the computer game is about to assist the healthcare industry to help people manage and overcome these fears. VR is going to be ready to virtually transport the patient into a conflict situation in order that they face the precise thing they’re so wanting to avoid. this may be greatly beneficial to both the medical industry and therefore the patient, by considerably helping people manage their fears and eventually overcoming them.

The increases in computer game-changing rooms in 2050

Online shopping has risen by staggering amounts over the last decade, which comes as no surprise as people can do their clothes shopping from the comfort of their house. one among the present disadvantages of online retail shopping is buying something that doesn’t fit or just doesn’t look right, but computer game is about to get rid of this altogether. By 2050, the main street is about to get replaced with consumers ready to try clothes in computer game-changing rooms, where they’re going to be ready to see how items fit on them also as being advised by AI shop assistants which will cater to your tastes exactly. In your lifetime, you’ll have your own virtual shopping assistant.

Are you ready for a more virtual world within the next 30 years?


How virtual reality is set to change the world by 2050?

From virtual humans to life on Mars, virtual reality will change how we interact with one another as well as bringing untouchable destinations within reaching distance. Read on to find out 10 predictions for the future of virtual reality and how it could change your life.

2019 in virtual reality

Sony predicted to ship 2.2 million units Sony is expected to ship the highest units of VR devices in 2019, with 2.2 million VR units expected to be shipped this year. The market is expected to ship an estimated 6 million units in total.

2020 in virtual reality

5G to Improve speed of VR The release of the 5G network is expected to Improve VR experiences for users, with faster download speeds, shorter delays on video content, and Increased connectivity set to boost the VR experience.

Future Of Virtual Reality

2021 in Augmented reality

Augmented reality and VR to merge to create a new user experience Augmented reality and virtual reality could merge together to create an experience where any element could be virtual or real without the user really knowing.

2021 in Virtual reality

Virtual humans to drive the use of VR in social interactions VR is set to become part of our everyday lives as we create virtual humans to keep us company – although expressions are expected to be hard to create in a virtual environment so we might still want physical company too!

2025 in Virtual reality

Interactions with VR to be through handheld devices will be the main way users interact with VR, as controllers give users a tactile feel and experience rather than using motion-sensing devices.

2026 in Virtual reality

VR headsets will look like sunglasses Virtual reality headsets will become sleeker as users see headsets downsize to a similar size and style to sunglasses.

2030 in Virtual reality

Experience life on Mars A new interactive VR experience will allow people to experience life on Mars and be used for training purposes as well as sharing the work NASA is doing on developing sustainable human missions.

2030 in Virtual reality and AR

Neutral avatars will be used for hiring When it comes to employment, selection tests will be done through neutral avatars, so hiring will be based solely on a worker’s capabilities.

AR VR IN 2030

Help resolve phobias or fears In medicine, VR will help resolve phobias or fears by virtually transporting the patient into a conflict situation.

AR VR in 2050

Replace high street shopping People will make all of their purchases from home, trying on clothes in virtual reality changing rooms and getting advice from Al shop assistants that know exactly how to cater to their taste.