Intent of PUSJV

Learn to independantly exist from the real world.

Let your dream stands infront of you!

choose your career in the path of innovation that have been introduced first in India.

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Serving our community of students, Employed and budding Entrepreneurs through creative paths that enrich & empower their academic and professional passions expanding our collective contributions to the worlds.

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The prime purpose of PUSJV is to provide an environment in which Students, Employed and budding Entrepreneurs can observe, learn, preserve and transmit the knowledge, acumen and principle that will help ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of life for all. PUSJV seeks to help them to develop and understanding and appreciation for the corporeal and cultural worlds in which they live and to realize their utmost latent of intellectual, physical and human development.

ar vr courses

About Us

The ability to run a professional business is no longer limited by the Age or Location. What you need is a Vision, Mission and a burning desire, hunger for success, inspiration, diligence and persistence are also the hallmarks of success of entrepreneurs in small towns, where glamour may be lacking but the quieter and gentler way of life as well as the desire to hang on to local roots are assets in their own lights.